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Flying High in Life

A crow holding a bit of meat in its beak was flying in the sky trying to find a suitable place to occupy a seat.

Seeing the plight of the crow, an old wise owl sitting on a tall tree asked my friend what is wrong with you? You look very disturbed?. Why are you flying in such a state of panic?. The crow pointing to the eagle replied 'the eagle is after my life and is chasing to kill me'.

The wise Owl said it is not after you to kill you, all it needs is the piece of meat you're holding in your beak, pl., drop it and see the magic.

The crow followed the recommendation of the Owl and abandoned the piece of meat. Immediately the eagle stopped following the crow and started flying towards the falling slice of flesh, and the crow relieved happily starts flying even higher.

How correct is this incident in our personal life too? We hold on to the piece of meat (money) which is not ours' we are, always attacked by the eagle of fear, the fear of losing it and being, grabbed away.

We hold on to the slice of meat, our stature our position just for namesake and that we do nothing but merely take advantage from occupying that position. We are then, attacked by the eagle of negative vibes from our colleagues and subordinates who are very well aware that we are only temporarily glued to the chair and clinch on to it assuming it to be permanent.

In our relationship too, we hold on to that piece of meat, the prejudices our opinions, the grudges, the incidents of the past, only to permit eagles of apathy, non-cooperation, misunderstandings, conflict, hatred from others to attack us.

L et's discard that piece of meat ensuring, the inner eagles stop chasing us and fly higher. Our comfort zone, our addiction, the sense of insecurity and settlement and then we are, attacked by eagles of complacency, lethargy and negativity.

Let's discard that piece of meat ensuring, the inner eagles stop chasing us and fly higher.

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