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Lion King of the Jungle - The Spirit of Leadership

I received, an interesting forward of Dr Myles Monroe reiterating “we are what we think”. For my better understanding, I thought of writing and sharing it.

Why is the Lion the King of the Jungle.?

Lions are kings of the animal kingdom because they exhibit traits of a Leader, traits, imply an Attitude in this parable.

A Leader has an attitude that makes him/her distinct from the followers. A Lion displays an attitude we need to cultivate it like a lion.

A Lion is not the tallest, largest, heaviest, smartest or an intelligent animal yet they are assumed, as King of the Jungle.

Similarly, an individual need not be tall, smart, intelligent, big to become a leader. The Lions example invalidates all the excuses that we have in our mind for not becoming a leader. You need not be smart, taller, heavier or have any similar advantages but, you can be a leader.

The Amazing aspects of a lion are, it is not taller than the Giraffe, not larger, than an Elephant, Heavier than a hippo nor it is as intelligent or smart as the Hyena or the snake.

Then what makes Lions unique? The answer to this dilemma lies in understanding a famous phrase "An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

Leadership transforms cowards into violent warriors. Leadership determines everything. The right kind of leaders can transform a timid into bold, fearless people. Leaders can walk into a camp of depressed people and in a few minutes can transform all into the unbelievable powerful army.

The question remains unanswered - Why would a lion then become King of the Jungle?. Lions possess all the limitations we human beings have. Lions are not the Tallest, Biggest, Strongest, Smartest, Heaviest and the intelligent of the lot yet, Lions rules the jungle.

We need to accept lions as the King of the jungle because of an attitude. Whilst other animals display fear, lions exhibit an attitude. A lion earns respect because of the depiction of an attitude. Similarly, human beings exhibit traits of fear, and in this jungle context, it is respect.

It requires respect to become a leader. It separates Lions from other animals. The elephant, Hyenas, Giraffe each of these animals respect the Lion, which leads us to another question what makes these massive animal respect a small cat.

An attitude is a difference.

Whenever a lion sees an elephant, the only thing that comes to its mind is lunch or food. The elephant is several times bigger and heavier than the lions, by its sheer strength, it can trample a lion with only one limb but, then what makes it vulnerable and the Lion powerful?.

When Lion views an elephant it, only sees it as lunch, it forgets how powerless it might be in comparison to the elephant. Lion only imagines an elephant as an object to be consumed.

Lion in his mind assumes it can savour an elephant and acts the way it thinks. For lions, the size or weight of an elephant is not the concern as it presumes elephants can be, eaten it attacks them.

Wherein an elephant whenever sees a lion, the only thing that comes to its mind is Lion is an EATER he, is the lions' lunch. The mind controls its thoughts. Elephants authority is the victim of the way it thinks. The Size, Power Authority, Strength, Authority is the victim of the way it presumes.

It does not matter what you are it is the mind that keeps you small. It does not matter how big, intelligent you are, what grades you got, How much you have. It is in your mind that keeps you small. How unintelligent or what we do not have it is only our mind

Human beings are creator's hence we are the kings of everything, indirectly implying we are the kings of the animal kingdom too, for that we need to control our mind.

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