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“When you kill time, remember, that it has no resurrection.” - A.W. Tozer

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Time is an essence in our life. We all have an identical 24 hours, but only a few amongst us manage to utilize the time properly and achieve the pinnacle of success and continue to be successful entrepreneurs whereas middle-of-the-road people always complain about, shortage of time.

It is up to us as an individual whether we wish to steer our life by choice or by default. Continuing a life of choice helps us to stay happy, content and achieve what we aspire to.

We usually live our lives by default have stopped learning and do not try to peep inside us to understand the reason. We often blame or criticise others, are self-critical and cling on to our past without wanting to let it go.

Frustration, jealousy, hate, fear, emotions, anger, mistrust, etc. are all part of us. We keep comparing and complaining about our lives and live in a halo of what others think about me and emulate things that make others happy rather than being happy internally and actually continue to live an ordinary life.

The biggest stumbling block is the dreaded three-letter word ‘I know everything’ as it stems from our own EGO.

The smaller our reality, the more convinced we are that we all know everything - #Thomas Campbell

The best policy for making a better tomorrow is to make use of today. It has got nothing to do with lack of your time but ought to do more with managing our own time. It could be attributed to lack of interest, commitment, priorities and a fallacy that I have done my best. We keep reiterating I am sincere, honest and disciplined and frequently board a halo that I'm good and can't fail.

In both our professional and personal lives, we find ourselves doing unproductive work by wasting our time. Whenever we confront failures our internal belief stops us from analysing things.

We keep working on the circle of concern and have never done work from our circle of influence. We've got a reactive focus and don’t look inside and keep lamenting on the external environment which we do not have control. We keep pondering and don't utilise the chances available sans realising 'opportunity knocks once'. What we lack is the effort and the will-power to succeed where we devote our time and energy to proactive focus and changing what's in our control

A few practices that I want to line right daily are

Set right my #priorities- Shouldn't become involved in the cases that are not important.

Waiting for #Inspiration - New ideas are the results of labour, taking action, doing regular exercises (not only physical) and following it up continuously.

• No #Delegation (wanting to do everything by self)- causes fatigue, an urge to rush leading to a scarcity of tangible results. #Collaboration works best.

• Worrying about what people will say - instead specialise in what's good for me

• Not involving my life - causes you to be unhappy. To hear the heart and follow a path, learn to say no when you want to say No.

• The fear of #failure- holds us back from taking the first step

• Complaining - doesn't change anything when things fail you have to only act.

• Unfinished tasks - consume energy and a spotlight. I've got to make a decision.

• Trying to please everybody - It's impossible to keep everyone pleased. Everybody is different and might have a different opinion

• Comparing self - leaves us bitter, jealous unproductive and insecure.

• Repeating the same mistake - learning from it

• Perfectionism - rather than planning and waiting until something is perfect - just roll in the hay. Done is beter than perfect

The realisation is to understand whether we realise we are wasting our time.

The key is not Spending time, but investing it - #Stephen Covey

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